Helle Bjerrum  works with design jewelry as well as conceptual jewelry. It is an interaction in which one inspires the other.

Her conceptual jewelry often springs from wondering about conditions in the outside world, which in some way excites her personal world of experience. The works will therefore be in a field where the personal experience is put into perspective of the general. The works are typically targeted for exhibitions.

Helle Bjerrums designer jewelry differs from the thematic, leaning toward pure aesthetic intensions, it is the desire to live out the feeling of tension in space and form that driver. She is a minimalist attracted to the tension found in asymmetrical shapes. Her Jewelry designs is often directly inspired by body shapes, stylized nature, or miming architectural elements.

Her latest solo project is an exhibition with Status as its theme:  http://www.hellebjerrum.dk/konceptuelle-smykker/status-in-english

Helle Bjerrum graduated from the Institute for precious metals in 1995. Prior to this she is trained a textile designer from the Design School in Kolding. She had her debut as a designer in 1995, on the 1. Biennale of Arts and Crafts in the Danish Design museum  (http://designmuseum.dk/en).
In 1999 she was noticed as one of DK most prominent contemporary artists, in the Charlottenborg  Spring and Autumn -exhibitions. (http://www.springexhibition.com/index.php/en/home)

Several times she received appreciative support from the National Arts Foundation, New Carlsberg Foundation and Danish Crafts. She has shown jewelry in many Danish and international exhibitions.
For a period she work on a large scale, with site-specific installations and exterior ornamentation. In recent years, she again immersed himself in the sculptural miniput world of jewelry, both as a designer and artist.

Helle Bjerrum is one of the 5 owners of Bærbart. (www.baerbart.dk)  The place serves as both a shop of Danish jewelry design and exhibition space for contemporary art jewelry.

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